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#TheBodyDress! This dress pulls in waist, lifts cleavage, and make butt appear larger. What more could I woman ask for in a dress? Comes in different colors and fabric patterns. Text (872)222-9812 #YIMINX $160
It’s been a long week! I’ve been working SOOOO hard and good to know it doesn’t go unnoticed. So sweet of u. You inspire me. ❀ @dc_gme 
If you’re waiting on a gown/dress/closet sale item you ordered from me…it’s completed, perfected, and on the way. You should get you order no later than tues/wed. I will be accepting orders again Monday and Sketches will be sent out by Wednesday. Thanks ❀ @ymqueens
My fingers hate me right now. Lol #IJustTookA2HourNap #BackToWork #DeletingMyIGApp #AGAIN #SelfControl #IHateBeingAnAdult πŸ˜’ @ymqueens
Bless the woman with ambition. πŸ‘Έ @ymqueens
I had to take a photo with them before they died. πŸ˜΅πŸ˜©πŸ˜“ They were so pretty. 🌹🌿🌹 #QueensOnly @ymqueens
Hey ladies. #QueensOnly @ymqueens
Candids 🎎 #QueensOnly @ymqueens
Night #queensonly @ymqueens
Comfy chic #QueensOnly @ymqueens
#YIMINX dress paired with my @bodiigarments.. #Queensonly @ymqueens πŸ‘‘
I keep it PG…here. Sweet dreams ❀ @everydaysafriday
Hungry? #QueensOnly @ymqueens
You run your mouth, I’d rather run my business. #GetMoney πŸ‘‘ @ymqueens
Congrats to @bleedluxury for winning a paid trip with the #GetMoneyFamily. Every trip we will pick a queen to come join us that supports the movement. But remember…#queensonly Right..@dc_gme? Have a safe trip back home @bleedluxury! We love you!
Aw this is so adorable! #QueensOnly #BraveHeart @ashanti