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👘🎎🎋 @ymqueens
Holding my ponytail because these braids are heavy as shit. 💆 @ymqueens
Happy Worlds Elephant day! 08/12/14
Just added! #AlohaDress $160 #YIMINX link in bio
Went to church with baby, went out for lunch, went to feed the kitties, now at home working on some dresses. How was your day? :) @ymqueens
In the car just taking pics…I guess. Tryna occupy my busy mind.
#NessaDress on @AsiaDee. $120 link in bio. #YIMINX
#Glitz @ YIMINX.com #YIMINX (Fringe is hand beaded with authentic Swarovski crystals)

New arrivals over at YIMINX.com. Check us out 👗
Models: @asiadee @katpasion

Made a little hoochie dress today for the hot mamacita’s! :)👗 Gonna call her “Miami” when perfected and finish. #YIMINX @ymqueens
This is just way too cute 🐬
🌴 Perfect resort dress. Oh so comfy!  Dress by @ymqueens. #YIMINX 🌴
One year anniversary/Special Edition collection. Pre order today. @yiminx #yiminx (at W Hollywood)
Looking for pretty girls to party with me Friday at Lachanges with my girl @xoxomehg. Dress by: @ymqueens #QueensOnly #YIMINX (at W Hollywood)
#BET Activities with my Man.